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Bianca Thiering is the brains and the brawn behind Hello Event Management based out of Edmonton. Hello Events are brilliantly combined experiences rooted in proven project management styled planning, original and fearless creative vision and impeccable customer service. Bianca is a professionally trained Event Manager with 5 years of practical application under her belt. Her business and marketing focused education has resulted in a well rounded and very real world skill set. Events are what she does best. As a member of both the International Live Events Society and Meeting Planners International, Bianca has her finger on the pulse of all that is new, interesting and innovative in event management and marketing. Some of her favourite projects include weddings, awards and recognition ceremonies, educational conferences and brand and product launches. She sees the value of well thought out actions and passes that value onto her clients.

Events in THEORY

Humans need to connect with others. To reach out and share a common experience. Through the senses is how we do this. We taste good food or feel a gentle touch. We smell a familiar scent that takes us to a place from long ago. We hear music that pulls us somewhere different. The senses are what remind us that we are alive. A well managed event subtly reminds us that we are social creatures with a need to connect. Event Planning is what we do the very best.

Hello Events appear to flow effortlessly. But that won't matter because you will be too busy enjoying yourself!

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