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Wedding Planning, design & production

1/3 Payable at Time of Booking

1/3 Payable Halfway to Wedding

1/3 Payable 1 Week Prior to Wedding

The sky is the limit on this one. You tell me what you want your event to look and feel like. We pull together all the loose ends to create a strong and personal wedding theme. The goal is to build a consistent and relevant collection of sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings to illustrate you as a couple.

So you’ve got this much money to spend on a wedding… now what? Budget design helps determine where the money is best spent. Budget design comes from discussion of wants and needs. It comes from research and experience so that the right amount is spent on the right item or service.

Whether you have 1 year or 3 months there are time frames involved for each aspect of the event. Taking the lead-time into consideration, each task is prioritized.

Whether you have decided to inform your guests by traditional mailed invitation or you like the idea of an electronic RSVP there is a lot of information to be kept track of. Not only do numbers of attendees need to be recorded but so do meal selections, dietary restrictions and guest plus ones. Guest list management involves invitation assembly, addressing and postage, tracking reply cards. For those who prefer the electronic invitation option it includes creation of distribution lists and tracking replies received.

Your family and friends have watched your love grow into what it is today. They have, in essence, helped care and cultivate your love with their support. Show them how much you appreciate them. What better way of doing this than to make attending your wedding a pleasure. We organize accommodations, logistics and itineraries for out-of-town and special guests.

Whatever your social media personality is I’ll work with you to get the right information out to the people who need to know. Wedding websites are an inexpensive way to gather information quickly about those who are attending. They are also very easy to personalize. Videos, photos, songs and words meant to tell your love story.

It’s about the settings, the chairs, the linens, the chargers and more. This is where we set the stage for the events to take place. We take the venue design off of the paper and bring it into reality. This is also the step that requires the perfect amount of muscle, attention to detail and speed of movement. When you’ve got chairs and tables to set-up you’ve got to do it right and quickly. Let us help with this.

Professional production means that the lighting and music are timed out to make your entrance as a married couple perfect. Another big part of scripting is keeping those toasts to the couple at a reasonable length of time so your guests aren’t falling asleep at their tables. You won’t notice when production & scripting are done right. You will notice when it is done wrong.

The rehearsal is your chance to run through every aspect of the real day without consequences. Plus a rehearsal serves to make you more comfortable and confident before the real life event. Rehearsals can be as complex or simple as you wish them to be. Just another reason to celebrate!

This commences from venue possession through to the end of the event day. Another part of this package includes working with and coordinating the catering and entertainment to ensure a timely and high quality presentation. This helps keep everyone on task so that the event runs smoothly and successfully.

Hello's Day-Of Event Coordination is one of the most valuable and important things you can do. regardless of the amount of planning that goes into the elements prior to the wedding day, you will always need us to take care of the details while you're busy getting married.

Day-Of Coordination Includes:

  • Up to 2 Meetings with Key Planners prior to the Wedding Day. To discuss event decor set-up, Day-Of Schedule etc.

  • Drafts and revisions of Day-Of Schedule

  • Drafts and revisions of Venue Site Plans

  • Collection of information pertaining to floral, catering, event rental and other applicable delivery times

  • Collection of contracts from applicable vendors to ensure what has been paid for is actually received

  • Attendance at the Rehearsal (Meet & Greet with bridal party members, officiate etc)

  • Guidance and ensuring scheduled Day-Of activities take place on schedule/as scheduled

  • Distribution of cash disbursements or honorariums to specified recipients

  • Leading a team to bring to life (Set-Up) the event decor for both the ceremony and the reception

  • Leading a team to disassemble (Tear Down) the event decor for both the ceremony and the reception

  • Other tasks identified by yourself as important to your day​

Other Considerations:

How many team members should be employed for decor set-up and tear down?

What is our window of time for these tasks?

What roles will family members and friends play?

month Of Coordination - $1000+ Incl GST

FULL Service%15 of total budget INCL GST

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